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Want to make your photos more attractive in an easy way?  

Want to make your own photo collage or add frame to your photo?  

Try our three photo editing software: Photo Collage Master, PhotoScenery and PhotoDream !


1) Photo Collage Master


Photo Collage Master gives your an easy way to make your own photo collage, scrapbook or add frame onto your photo.

You can add your photo into different beautiful templates. For example, you can add your photo into a classical love style template, a pink girl style template, a baby cartoon template,  a magazine cover template  or a frame template etc by just one click in Photo Collage Master.


Main Features:

1) Easy to use

Just one click, you can add your photo into the template and make a photo collage and scrapbook.

2) 9 themes (styles), more than 680 beautiful templates included.


There are more than 680 templates included in Photo Collage Master, which means you have more than 680 choices to make your photo more attactive.


Here are some samples:

Photo Collage Photo Collage



See more samples



2) PhotoScenery


With PhotoScenery, you can easily blend your digital photo onto another picture (a beautiful scenery picture etc) to create special effect.  Add more than one photo onto a background picture to make a beautiful photo collage. You can also add some pretty frames, flowers and cartoon pictures onto your photo  with PhotoScenery.

PhotoScenery makes your photo more attractive and interesting.

Give this photo editor to your girlfriend or wife.  I think it a pretty gift.


See the samples:



Photo Collage



See more samples

Download more background pictures



3) PhotoDream


Like it's name, PhotoDream is a photo editing software to add many dream effects onto your digital photo. With PhotoDream, just by simple mouse clicking, you can add many wonderful effects as below:

Preset filter, Light A filter, Light B filter, Light C filter, Star filter, Amazing filter, Dream A filter, Dream B filter, Weather filter, Gradient filter, Color Filter, Art filter, Texture filter, Edge A filter, Edge B filter.

There are 15 kinds of filters. Each filter has 10 special effect. So there are totally 150 single special effects for you.

Besides using the single effect, you can also use multi effects onto one photo. For example, first use one of Light effects, second use one of Star effects, then use one of Edge effects etc. By this way, you will create thousands of different special effects onto your photo.


See the sample


       Original photo                              PhotoDream photo



See more samples


4) Photo Cube Show

Show your family photos on a small spinning 3D photo cube which always stays in front of all the windows on your screen.

It is interesting to see your famliy photos in a spinning 3D photo cube, right?

The spinning 3D photo cube always stays at front. It won't be covered by other program windows, whatever you're doing, whatever program you're running. You can see your family photos all the time. You can resize the photo cube or drag it to any position on the screen. It won't disturb you when you're  working, but it always stays there when you want to see your favorite photos.

( NOTE: It is only a static screenshot.  The cube is spinning all time in the software.)



Other software:

Easy Web Gallery   


Easy Web Gallery converts your images into a online web gallery using profasional designed HTML templates. It can create thumbnails of your photos and display them in HTML webpage. You can upload your photo gallery to your web site and share it with your family and friends.



1) Easy to use: No HTML or CSS Experience Necessary.

2) Profasional designed templates for Web Albums.

3) It's completely FREE! No expiration dates. No nag screens.

See samples




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